• 1Password Paid

    1Password is literally the first thing I install on every new device.

  • Bartender Paid

    Bartender helps keep my Mac's status bar nice and tidy. I primarily keep things to the next calendar event, the SoundSource icon, and the built-in control center icon and time display.

  • CleanShot Paid

    CleanShot quickly replaced MacOS's built in screenshot tooling for me. It's a one-stop shop and has everything I need for sharing what I'm working on with my team.

  • Karabiner-Elements Free

    Karabiner is my default tool for remapping keys on my mac, primarily for enabling my Hyper Key workflow. I use the hyper key in conjunction with Raycast so that I can launch my most often-used apps via shortcuts. For example, hyper + t will launch or focus my Terminal window, hyper + i will open or focus Intellij, etc. You can find my personal config here.

  • Monarch Money Paid

    Monarch is my money management tool of choice. I've tried a few others but ended up sticking with monarch for its collaboration features.

  • Raycast Free

    Raycast is a blazing fast alternative to Spotlight. I use it to launch apps, search my notes, and more.