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Sean Washington

Co-host of Does Not Compute, CTO at Design Kollective, regular human being.

CSS is hard — Thoughts on managing the cascade

For as long as I’ve been a web developer, the CSS Cascade has been a thorn in my side. I understand how it can be helpful, but the number of times that I’ve been frustrated by it far outweigh the the number of times that I’ve thought to myself “hey, this is pretty great”! Does this mean that we should throw it away?


JavaScript  is a Land of Opportunity

JavaScript Fatigue  -  Everyone's talking about it, and most of us have felt it in one way or another. While it often feels good to blow off some steam by writing satirical articles about the current state of the JavaScript ecosystem, dwelling on it too much in that light can become frustrating and discouraging for both yourself and for others. Although I'm not the first, I'd like to try to talk about JavaScript Fatigue in a different light.


Battling Disinterest and Distraction

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you’re having difficulty focusing on work and genuinely being interested in the work that you have in front of you?


Community: The Code Inspector

A few nights ago I was at home enjoying some quality Netflix time when my roommate Chris asked me if I was familiar with a show called “Holmes Inspection”. I said that I wasn’t, but that I was interested in checking it out. In case you’re unfamiliar, the show features Mike Holmes, an expert home inspector as he “shines a spotlight” on new homeowners facing massive repair bills and dangerous living conditions due to incompetence within the unregulated home inspection industry.