Development Setup 2018

If you don’t know me well at all (and you probably don’t) you’ll know that I love to change my development setup and editor every couple of months. That is, until about 6 months ago. The combination of tools that I’m using these days have helped me to become the most productive I’ve ever been and everything feels just right. Docker via Kitematic I used to user brew services for managing different services like Postgres and Redis, but have since switched over to using Docker via Kitematic.

CSS is hard - Thoughts on managing the cascade

For as long as I’ve been a web developer, the CSS Cascade has been a thorn in my side. I understand how it can be helpful, but the number of times that I’ve been frustrated by it far outweigh the the number of times that I’ve thought to myself “hey, this is pretty great”! Does this mean that we should throw it away? Some people certainly think so, and as much as I want to agree, I believe the sweet spot lies somewhere between Functional CSS (see also: Utility Classes) and Presentational based CSS selectors.

Javascript the Land of Opportunity

JavaScript Fatigue — Everyone’s talking about it, and most of us have felt it in one way or another. While it often feels good to blow off some steam by writing satirical articles about the current state of the JavaScript ecosystem, dwelling on it too much in that light can become frustrating and discouraging for both yourself and for others. Although I’m not the first, I’d like to try to talk about JavaScript Fatigue in a different light.

Does Not Compute

For most of my life I’ve been more of a content consumer than a content creator. I never saw the point of writing blogs that nobody read, nor did I ever really want to create anything for people to critique and consume. For some reason though, this year I challenged myself to change that. Maybe I hadn’t ever tried because I didn’t think myself knowledgeable enough, or maybe I hadn’t ever tried because I was tied-up watching Netflix or playing PS4.

Community the Code Inspector

A few nights ago I was at home enjoying some quality Netflix time when my roommate Chris asked me if I was familiar with a show called “Holmes Inspection”. I said that I wasn’t, but that I was interested in checking it out. In case you’re unfamiliar, the show features Mike Holmes, an expert home inspector as he “shines a spotlight” on new homeowners facing massive repair bills and dangerous living conditions due to incompetence within the unregulated home inspection industry.