Sean W.
Photo of Sean Washington

Hey there, I’m Sean. I’m currently leading the charge as CTO at Design Kollective.

Design Kollective in a nutshell:

Design Kollective is an online space for you to shop from local brick and mortar furniture retailers. Browse their curated sales to find fun and unique pieces that you can have in a flash, or shop by location to find that cool shop in your local neighborhood and see what they have to offer from the comfort of your own home.

Does Not Compute Podcast

By night I’m co-host of Does Not Compute, a podcast where I talk with friends about the day to day lives of web developers. To date we’ve had 500,000 listens in over 130 countries.

Software Development

My current tools of choice are PostgreSQL, Elixir, Phoenix, JavaScript, and Vue.js. I’m always working on new things, and if any of the above interest you feel free to stop by my GitHub.

Around the Web

Find me on and Twitter and GitHub.