Development Setup 2018

If you don’t know me well at all (and you probably don’t) you’ll know that I love to change my development setup and editor every couple of months. That is, until about 6 months ago. The combination of tools that I’m using these days have helped me to become the most productive I’ve ever been and everything feels just right.

Docker via Kitematic

I used to user brew services for managing different services like Postgres and Redis, but have since switched over to using Docker via Kitematic. Kitematic makes it easy to install and manage your docker containers and volumes. I don’t completely containerize my apps, but instead I install a container for whichever version of a service I need, and then each app that uses that service connects to it through the configured port. Versioning services is then super easy, you just add a new container and point your apps to it! No more brew unlink & link!

VS Code

Code has been my editor of choice and I’ve found that I’m not really missing any features from Sublime, Atom, or even vim. It’s fast, feature complete, extendable, and highly configurable straight out of the box!

Vim mode

As I’m constantly told my Vim people, “vim plugins/emulators are just not the same”. Maybe not, but VSCode Vim gets close enough for me. I can even remap escape to kj!

"vim.insertModeKeyBindings": [
    "before": [
    "after": [

Integrated terminal

I’ve been a die hard iTerm2 fan for as long as I can remember, but I’ve found myself using the integrated terminal that ships with Code more and more. The only thing I’m missing from it so far is the ability to have multiple panes in one terminal window, but that feature is already available in the insiders (beta) build of Code, meaning It’ll be released to the public soon!


The following are a list of my most used Code extensions in no certain order:

Hardware & Devices

The following are a list of the hardware & devices that I use from day to day: